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JOURNAL PAPERS (2004~PRESENT, *CORRESPONDING AUTHOR, Times Cited from Google scholar)

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趙瑞益*、劉光凱、陳清漂。胺基衍生物及其醫藥組合物與用途(中華民國專利申請中)Chao, JI*, Liu, KK, and Chen, CP. 4-anilinoquinazoline derivative and albumin conjugates thereof cross-reference to related application (US Patent in Application).

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趙瑞益*、王舒霈、陳清漂、殷凱浩、楊進木、吳雅惠。用於促進癌細胞凋亡的化合物、其醫藥組成物及其用途(中華民國專利證書發明第I567063, 專利權有效期間2017/01/21~2034/09/04)(中華人民共和國專利證書發明第2795573, 專利權有效期間: 2018/01/26~2034/09/21)Chao, JI*, Wang, SP, Chen, C, Yin, KH, Yang, JM, Wu, YH. A compound for promoting apoptosis of cancer cells and a pharmaceutical composition containing the same and uses thereof (US Patent number US9,512,086, 2016/12/6-2035/1/14).

趙瑞益*、連芷漪、黃國柱(中華民國專利證書發明第I5888258, 專利權有效期間: 2017/06/21~2031/11/16)。經標記細胞的分離方法及其用途。Chao, JI*, Lien, ZY, and Hwang, KC. Separation method of labeled cells and uses thereof (US Patent Application No. 13/471768; US Publication No. US 20130130236 A1).

趙瑞益*、楊淳如、陳清漂。促進細胞凋亡之維生素K3衍生物、其醫藥組成物及其用途(中華民國專利證書發明第I543759, 專利權有效期間2016/08/01~2034/03/10)

楊進木*、許凱程、黃兆祺、陳文亮、黃文傑、趙瑞益。一種專一性表皮生長因子接受器之選擇性抑制劑、其醫藥組成物及其用途(中華民國專利證書發明第I536987, 專利權有效期間2016/06/11~2033/12/26)

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趙瑞益*、徐子勝、陳清漂、李珮亭、邱淑君。化合物在製備治療肺癌、乳腺癌及子宮頸癌之藥物用途(中華民國專利證書發明第I359018, 專利權有效期間2012/3/1~2026/7/13)Chao, JI*, Hsu, TS, Chen, C, Lee PT, and Chiu, SJ. Compound capable of cytoskeleton and induction of cell elongation and process for synthesizing the same (US Publication No. US 2008/0015221 A1).