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Principle Investigator:

Eric Hwang

Eric Hwang

2013 - present Associate Prof., Biological Science & Technology, NCTU

2008 - 2013 Assistant Prof., Biological Science & Technology, NCTU

2007 - 2008 Postdoc, Neurobiology, University of California San Diego

2005 - 2007 Postdoc, Cell Biology, The Scripps Research Institute

1999 - 2005 Ph.D., Molecular Biology & Genetics, Cornell University

1995 - 1999 B.S., Agricultural Chemistry, NTU



Ph.D. Students:

Andy Huang (studying the acentrosomal microtubule organizing centers in neurons)

Andy Huang


Yi-Ru Chen (examining the function of a microtubule-associated protein on neuronal morphogenesis)

Chen YR


Erdinç Polat (studying the function of Ran on acentrosomal microtubule nucleation in neurons)




Master Students:

Henry Lin (studying the role of surface topology on neuronal morphogenesis)



Jason Chiu (studying the function of Ran in neurons)



Bonnie Wu (studying the function of a microtubule-associated protein in neuronal morphogenesis)

Bonnie Wu


Cathy Hsu (developing an optogenetic tool to control a microtubule-based motor)



Chris Ho (examining the behavior of microtubule cytoskeleton after axon injury)



Shary Hsu (developing an optogenetic tool to control Ran)



Andy Tsai (studying the interaction of actin and microtubule during neurite retraction)



Wei-Lung Lo (studying the function of a cytoplasmic RanGEF in neurons)



Angela Goh




Undergraduate Students:

Li-Chu Huang, Danial Day

HuangLC DayD



Past Lab Members (and the year she/he joined the lab)

2015 Yu-Chieh Tsai, Yen-Hua Chu

TsaiYC Yen-Hua Chu


2014 Johnny Huang, Ben Hsieh, Edward Liu

HuangHC HsiehBY LiuCW


2013 Ann Yeh, Chia-Hui Lu, Herman Lee



2012 Peng-Lin Lo, Yi Lin, Sanders Yeh

LoPL LinYi Yeh


2011 Ming-Han Chiang, Chun-Wei Kao, Min-Ren Chiang

ChiangMH KaoCW ChiangMR


2010 Dion Tseng, Song-Ru Yang, Gabriel Chang

Dion SongRu Gabriel


2009 Zen Chen, Wen-Shin Chen, Steven Yueh, Chih-Yuan Chao, Chia-Wei Zheng

Zen ChenWS Steven Light ChengCW



Eric Hwang, Associate Professor
Department of Biological Science and Technology
Room 111 Zhu-Ming Building, 75 Bo-Ai Street
Hsinchu, Taiwan 300
Tel: +886-3-5712121#56968
Fax: +886-3-572-9288
hwangeric (at)

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